Thomas Reilly is the President and Founder of BDHORIZONS, LLC. Tom has 20 years experience in pharmaceutical and life sciences companies as a senior level business development executive and as a manager of a large pharmaceutical R&D department.  Tom's former positions include: Senior Vice President, ICAP Patent Brokerage; Vice President of Business Development and Head of Drug Repositioning for BTG, the UK's largest biotech company; Senior Director of Business Development and Portfolio Planning for Bristol-Myers Squibb and for DuPont Pharmaceuticals, and Senior Director of the Cardiovascular Research Department at DuPont Pharmaceuticals. During these highly successful tenures, Tom developed his expert knowledge in pharmaceutical R&D, business development strategy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device  licensing, patent licensing and marketing, patent strategy and strategic planning. He also developed  an international  network of senior level colleagues in the pharma, biotech, drug delivery, device, investment and academic communities across the globe. Tom then decided to leverage his experience and contacts to support new clients by forming BDHORIZONS, LLC. During the course of Tom's career, he has been an invited lecturer at several international Licensing, Strategy and Partnering meetings, authored over 80 scientific and business articles in peer reviewed journals, been granted four different patents, and been recognized as a Fellow of The American Heart Association. Tom has a PhD in Microbiology from Rutgers University and an MBA in Finance from the University of Delaware.


Select Past Engagements 

  • Licensing patent rights to disruptive diagnostic technology and to clinical compounds as Sr. VP at ICAP Patent Brokerage
  • Managing the licensing program of DuPont's Cre-Lox recombinant DNA technology, culminating in more than 20 licenses to companies and universities and a multi-million dollar revenue stream
  • Outlicensing  and monetizing several R&D enabling technologies, including those for process chemistry, drug screening, drug delivery and mass spectrometry
  • Identifying, evaluating and negotiating rights for several pre-clinical and clinical drug candidates in multiple therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, CNS, respiratory, oncology and dermatology
  • Formulating and executing a strategic plan in drug delivery and drug repositioning, and evaluating multiple drug delivery technologies, 505(b)(2) NDAs  and companies
  • Writing Business Plans for both established and start-up companies100

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